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breaking news, a tragic end, afte fighting for her life, we received word that a young woman struck by a car in prince george's county has died. it is the last day of summer, it feels like it outside. when will it start feeling like fall? good morning and welcome to "news4 midday. we are following breaking news out of largo, maryland. we learned that natasha pettigrew has died. she has been in the hospital since being hit by a car. news from her family. sad news. >> we received word a short time ago. new infmation on the strange hit and run accident involving a
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woman on bicycle. natasha pettigrew informed us that her daughter has died. riding 202 early when she was struck by an suv. christie littleford said she thought; she hit an animal, sh didn't realize what happened until she saw the bicycle lodged under her truck. pettigrew was a law student. the accident happened at 5:30 in the morning. there is conflicting information as to whether or not she was wearing reflective clothing. again, 5:30 a.m., dark at the time of the accident. there is no word on whether or not the driver will be charged. there will be weeks months before that decision is plead.
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news today, an 18-year-old man is dead, it happened before 3:30 this morning. d.c. police were called out for a shooting. they found franklin hill on the ground suffeng from gun shot wounds. he was taken to the hospital where he died. no arrests have been made. a search is on for a man who was found dead blocks from the u.s. capital. a man's body was found on the tracks late last night. police say the body may have been on the tracks f a few days it is described of of that a black man, in his 40s or 50s, police don't know how he died. >> another break for police in a string of robberies. police arrested a second man in kexz with the robbery on august 8th. he can be seen in the back of
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the store, wearing a blue shirt. police arrested 19 year-old in connection with the same robbery. another man is still at large. if you were out driving along the avenue this morning, it is a bet you saw people busted for texting and driver. the obama administration wants to ban truck drivers from texting while hauling hardous materials. tracy, good morning. >> reporter: the summit is about distracted driver. and officials are gathered to try to figure out how they can take care of the issue. maybe it is a technology problem, maybe they need federal enforcement. they are discussing it to figure it out. >> enforcing the hands-free laws in northwest.
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the secretary of transportation would like to see it national. put your blackberry in the glove compartment until you get to your destination. >> officials are calling it an epidemic. >> everybody has a cell phone. people think they can use them wherev they are at. including behind the wheel of a car. weeed to convince people you an't be safe while you have a cell phone in your hand while driving. >> they are holding a distracted driver summit. industryrepresentatives and crash victims will come together in an effort to find solutions. >> the letszon learned by movement today is when they hear the heartbreaking stories, parents who lost control because they were on aell phone or looking at a text message. >> they realize that they are tackling a change in culture.
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the drivers we spoke to said it is time. >> when you get behind someone that is slow or looks confused. it is inevitable, you s them talking on their phone. >> adding more and more to distract you. cell phones are probably the worst. it is a new life. >> folks with the department of transportation say this is the worst in what the research is showing. there may be a test for blood alcohol level, but there is no test for cell phone usage after an accident. this may be the tip of the iceberg. taking a live look outside. it is 11:05, 75 degrees. a lovely day. a cool morning, turning out to a beautil day, tom. >> the sun will be returning, not done with us yet.
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we may be 90 in the afternoon. in the mid 90 afternoon. right now, national airport, 70 degrees. and elsewhere, the mountains of west virginia, in the low 40s there this morning, now, it is in the upper 60s there. and down into the 30s in many locations in new england. into the 50s and 60s plenty of sunshine throughout the day. high pressure through eastern canada, bringing us an area of sunshine and mild temperatures, with a light wind out of the south. we should warm up to 80, maybe a few isolated areas, may hit the low 80s, the big change, tomorrow, at 90 degrees. the latest on that in a few minutes,
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the forecast for the rest of the week. >> more active out in the kr tropics. and a celestial delight, we will show you in a few minutes. jerry edwards joining us with the arrest. fnchlths has been a very difficult commu. fortunately, things have settled down. from rush hour to construction hours. that is what we are looking at. aoss the 14th street bridge. crews came out, took awayhe far left lane. the beginning of the bridge, plid span. no delays, everything is moving well. >> south of town, at the wilson
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bridge. a minor distraction, work crews are on the shoulder. two lanes do remain open. it was a tough commute for virginia drivers this morning from, chopper 4, can you see the multile vehicle crash, in tyson's corner. major traffic delays. ere were no major injuries. a new version of the smarttrip card called the charm card, it may be cheap aer the card will accepted on metro, ride-o and the fairfax connector, it will be used wherever charm cas are accepted. they will cost drivers $2.5
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half the price. they can be purchased for 0. >> operators of the bus say most of the bus routes are back in several. 100 drivers on strik last week, looking for health insurance. >> according to the "washington examiner." they moved them away from the pentagon to increase safety. that came after a shooting that wound twod guards and the gunmarngs dead. e northern virginia transportation administration said it would limit access for
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the disabled. >> we have a developing story out of afghanistan this mid-day, nine service members killed in a helicopter crash. a nato official said that chopp went down in the southern afghanistan. the taliban have claimed responsibility for shooting down the chopper, but there are no reports of fire in the area. that brings the number killed in that country this month to 32. >> a local wrestlingeferee arrested. and a t-shirt being sold at a maryland
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hey, ove, i'm gonna need a ba. any ideas?
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hey, there's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. th most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? ove, go long! the search is on for who killed a college student in the district. 21 year-old ashley mccray was found along bruce place in southeast. poce found her slumped inside a car with a gun shot wound. rushed to a hospital and died. >> she had no enemies. she was pretty. i don't know why.
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>> mcray was last seen leaving the club with a man. she was a student at devry university. >> a man is behind bars after being in possession of child pornography. police may have never recovered it if the house next door didn't catch fire. >> reporte firefighters entered the home to determine if the blaze spread. photos spread out on a table. >> found what they believed to be suspected child pornography. they notify the police department, we conducted an investigation. >> at least one neighbor noticed an unusual number of police activity. we came out with seven to nine boxes of stuff.
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>> reporter: after a three-month long having, a warrant was issued, charged mark barget. the mr. barget has been placed on indefinite suspension during the faire faux. he was arrested on sunday, after being involved in an unrelated crash. >> the officer went and arrested him on those warrants. >> jackie benson, news 4, today. >> he is a fire fighter, and has been play placed on
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administrative leave. >> a store inside the frannis scott key mall started celling a t-shirt, supporting the arizona stance of immigration. some thought it was offensive. the mall told them to not seing the shirts. last night, the management said the letter was a mistake and should not have been sent. >> it fls like summer is not over yet. >> good au it. umn has been cooled. some of the red maples, already beginning to showcolor. live view, as you see, northwest, washington. way off on the horizon, son's corner. regan national, elsewhere to the
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beaches, and this mild continue will continue, and tomorrow, warping things up. many locations got down to ar 40. western maryland and virginia. now back in the 60s to near 70. and the green zone is in the 50s in many locations. high pressure, pushing down from eastern canada. meantime, across the nation, a front through the miwest. the front may get close to us on thursday, may give us a passing shower. rockies cleared out. lookat this picture from the central rockies, sent in from kathy, who lives near grand lake. at 8,000 feet.
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the aespn are in peak color, we will see color here, not until late october. first, we have to get the high pressure out of here, in the next four hours. tap heat that today is building throughut tennessee and georgia, alabama, many areas above 90. it will get that way here tomorrow. rhaps, wednesday into thursday morning, it will wash out, probably no chance of rain until the weekend. quite a bit of sunshine. and overnight, clearing out, a beautiful, bright jupiter in our sky. it is closing to, weon't be
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this close to jupiter until 2022. last night, showing jupiter with four of the largest moons. >> up here. hot on friday. cooler on saturday, nar 80. sunday and monday, into the 70s extended outlook, not that accurate, at the closer range. we will keep an eye on it. we will check in with ger tow get the latest on trafc. >> they are final clearing up. horrible rush hour. fortunately, in good shape. repor of problems at
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nstitution and fourth. you may find police directing traffic in a couple of spots, be aware of that calmed down as far as the rush hour goes, no issues from the beltway, southbound, the construction, takes away the right lane. right now, relativy minor delay. >> 11:20 is your time. which local library is dealing with bugs. a look at a salmon. first, here is a look at wha
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authorities in brazil are trying to figure out what caused bleach tore collapse it. happened at a race car track. police believe 200 people were on the bleachers when they fell. firemen said they were never asked to set check the setup for safety before the event. >> tweets would activate whout anyone generating them. users are getting pop-up windows, some of them have malicious codes that could take over computers of the the only one affecting thewitter site won't appear to be affected. ifzv approved, genetically modified salmon could be a
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lunch-time option. scientists can ingest the eggs with a growth harmon. if the fda apoved it, it could be for sale in the next two years. >> economists say the recession is over. and a woman accused of throwing acid on hero face is
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right now, nine nato troop rts sd after a helicopter drash in southern afghanistan. two others injured, including a u.s. citizen. there were no reports of enemy fire in that area. the surveillance video shows
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21 year-old andrew hilllock at a convenience store after the rougery conferred on august 8th. there was an arrest last week in declaration with the same robbery. drivers are cracki--ransportati secretary wants to bar commercial truck drivers from texting on the job and restr t( crane operators from using cell phones and mobile devices on duty. they are holding a summit on drivers. the recessn, the longest since 2002, and that doesn't sit well with americans not seeing much improvement in the own
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lives. thank you very much. >> as the ecomic experts were putting an official end date on the recession, the president was getting an earful from americans still realing from it. >> i voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way class. i am one of those people. i am waiting. i don't feel it yet. >> is the americandream dead for me? >> absolutely not. >> forced to acknowledge, the nancial indicator for most is not changing. >> if you are out of work, the only thing you will be hearing is when do i get a job. >> reporter: the the recession techly ended in june, 2009.
11:31 am
in the economy, the economy scled 73,000. >> it will be two, three years before it gets back to where it was in 2007. >> with many employers to nervous to hire. >> right now, military don't ask don't tell policy, center stage on capitalhill.
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democrats, turned the law into a spending bill. they say it deprives them, the senator isexpected to vote to end debate the bill. even if the bill passes, republicans may introduce an amendment this week to remove the appeal from the defense ll. the government watch dog group claimed she used campaign money to payersonal expenses. o'donnell, a tea party favorite. she raised concern was an 11-year-oldwoman, showed her on the show "politically incorporate" in it sheadmits to dabbling in witchcraft, and one
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of her dates was with a witch to a satanic alter. >> you were well off to the side on the right, i thought to myself, there is a possible mete for. what is it, you think, the way you decided to conduct your life. post-presidenciacy. do you feel you received your do? or apart from the crowd? i feel like my rule as a former president is partly because of the working in international affairs, and some degree, domestic affairs. >> the former president issued a statement, what i meant was, for
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27 years, the carter center has provided me with significant opportunities to do good. >> it gets really warm tomorrow? >> yes, smer is not through with us yet. 11:09yko tomorrow evening, summ is ending then. it will be heating up to 80 o so, with a lot of sunshine. by dawn, near 60, during the day on wednesday, it will feel like summer. the breeze will be cool in the morning, near 90 by mid afternoon. a stront near us by saw on thsday. it may another warm day in the upper 80s, near 90 on friday. then, another front that should
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cool is doa small chances of a passing shower on sunday, perhaps on membered monday. temperatures in the 70s with morning lows near 60 that is the way it looks right now. back with another update in a few minutes. >> jerry edwards, a tough commute this morning. the folks in virginia. >> i was one of the fortunate ones, when you come to work at 3:00 in the morning, construction is jamming things up. 95southbound, slow by this time, the hofr gates are open, and southbound trfic is moving down to woodbridge.
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there is an issue at the moment, they can't open up the gates, everybody heading south on 95 is forced to stay with the main line. hopefully, they will get the delays open. >> a news 4 your healt alzheimer's, a big report, for demettia patien. tracy pots explains to make the health condition a national priority. >> do you know what kind of flower this? >> petunia. it would be bigger than switerlands.
11:37 am
adi reports that dementia will cost $40 million. it will cost us 20 trillion to care for those whohave alzheimer's without research to change the risk. they say we need a plan. they are begging congress to make alzheimer's a national priority. >> need a plan, to see the changes consider for those who would most of them living at home with a spouse. >> the artrs of this respect they say, it is something you can't put a price on.
11:38 am
bed bugs are a growing problem across the country. now they have invaded a local library, where they would have bookrms. the library shut down the book drop as a result, and employees moved material and carts from the believe. they play to let the sun heat up the temperature to kill the bed bugs. a two-day summit about bed bugs is going on in chicago. a dozen entomologies will be here. a woman --
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>> w are shocked. >> reporter: john hosted a fundraiser for her, after the 28-yeaold claimed a compleent ang angry threw acid on her face. several hours befo the i.n.s. dept, she went to a bathroom and applied drain cleaner to her face. she told investigators she wanted to kill herself. and wanted a news face. >> she dooped a lot of people, incding the level businesses, who raised thousands for her. she went on a shoppingistry in target, usi the money she it
11:40 am
is moresad, w would someo do that to themselves? >> one thing is for sure- -- she will bearrested. the police know where she is. file the charges, and theudge did authorize her arrest. >> the parents say the donates will be return a. a lot of pele send a lot of time andimony looking greater. they don't mix well with the skin.
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many spend a lot ofmoney on looking great. sometimes our bodies don't react well to all of these things, here to talk about allergic reactions. talk about the hair dyes, the things you can buy at the super market to color your hair. >> a lot of people will use a
11:44 am
product for many years or many months, and all of a sudden, can't use it anymore. the crazy thing about hair dye, the reaction is on the face. they don't know they are having a reaction. >> around the eyes, puppy and swallow. -- around the eyes, puffy and swollen. it is a specific chemical that has is inermanent hair dye that causes the reaction. >> even if someone used it for a long time, they could develop an allergic reaction latern. why is that? >> the bo has to recognize a substance at least one time, so it can happen the second time you used it for one millionth
11:45 am
time you use it. it is the body, when it decides to react. >> what about reactions to rubber? >> we do, we apply makeup on with robber sponges there, are a lot of people who are allerge toik that they thi, maybe it is the make-up. it is not. weatherizing certain garments and bootsses rubber. if you have support that there is an alargic reacon to rubber, you need to look at what is related to that. >> there are different sponges that don't use ruber? >> notreally. >> that is the most common one.
11:46 am
people will get jewelry, they vey favorite piece of jewelry, and then they are itching or reacting. nickel is the offending agent in most jewelry. there is a lot of jewelry that is plated with gold or what have you. you can actually be centrino tied through the outer metal. if you continuing is pure gold, it is really not. nickel washes, belts, necklaces, things of that nature. >> it is usually right on t area. >> yes, sometimes people figure it is a contact derait.
11:47 am
i -- derm tig us. >> we see it all the time. people get them as presents, the next thing you know, they are broken out. they are natural ingredients in perfumes and fragrances, some are allergic to the plants. >> does itrange depending on the brand? >> it ranges on the brand. the more fragrancy it is, the oils, and fran grans and dyes that can be in it. look for unscented, th fragrance-free product. make sure it is clear or white in color. no dyes in there, and that can mainlyeep you on the safe
11:48 am
side. >> very common, there are thing that is dermatologist can prescribe that help with odor and antiperspirants, things o that nature. if you are allergic to it, we have to use a substitution type of product. there are topical antibiotics that can help you with odor. >> can you use different brands? >> yes there, are some hypoallergic brands. i hate to mention brands,here are a lot out there. toms of maine is always a good one to try, where you can get it at whole foods or coop place that is one that dermatologists will recommend. >> now, to courtney reagan.
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>> right now, stocks lower across the board. the dow down, 17 points that is after a nice run yesterday. europe in the holding pattern, waiting to see what the fed will stay. they are hopefully, the fed makes the announcemet. it is whether or how to take action to boost the economy. most experts don't expect any of that action to bein today. and the government said that housing rose 10.5% in august. the highest level in four states.
11:50 am
wouldn't say how many loans a affected. gmac said the hold could run through the end of the year. they are known as judicial foreclosure states, where the judge decides. > it is the first major reduction it affected all the global market divisions. >> we are following breaking news, chopper 4 is over the kant berry shopping center. according to police, a business owner was stabbed. there is no word on the victim's
11:51 am
condition. the d.c. lottery made a mistake, the winning numbers -- power ball number was 13, not 14, as first posted by ticket vendors. it turned out human error was to blame when the power ball was sent to retailers. some people were able to take advantage of the istake. >> they had the number 14, went to cash, they fot a win. i can tell you it won't happen again. >> the lottery shut down for most of the day on sunday to fix that problem. >> it is not too early to start thinking about the lidays, especially to start shopping. and the first
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don't miss the big two-hour premier of "the biggest loser" here on nbc 4. with obesity now a leang cause of preventable death, the show
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wants to mostivate communities, not just contestants to get healthy. physical challenged to change their lives, look for a local woman, sofia. tonight at 8:00. >> three months until christmas, and hot toy trends are coming in. the nerf and strike stampede blaster will be the must-have item this season. internet searchs for the toy have jumped 1,700%. thinga magig, google one of the earliest to predict the zu-zu pet craze. check some the stories we are following at 4:00. the showdown in the senate.
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about the don't ask, don't tell that bans gays from serving openly. and seniors, some have not taking obesity laying down. some are rededicating their lives. >> and the stories, plus the forecast, starting at news 4 at 4:00. >> final check of the forecast with tom. >> temperatures around the region, in the 70s, we will hit near 80. a new tropical storm in the eastern atlantic, tropical storm lisa, it does appear will track will take it up to the atlantic, and way, way east of the atlantic seaboard. clear tonight, and 60 by dawn
11:57 am
tomorrow. a southwesterly wind sends in heat. climbing to 90, on wednesday evenin thursday midday, a chance of a passing shower. near 90 on thursday. partly cloudy on friday and up around 90. saturday looks to have highs near 80. we will see you tomorrow morning, have a good afternoon. >> well,ave you heard of a monkey riding your back. what about a monkey riding the back of dogs? take a look at this race in iwampt the banana derby in waterloo is a hit. he decided to quit his job as a lawyer and te his show on the road. he travels across the country with his animals.
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at least they are light. thanks for joining us. tune in to news 4 for all the days' news. see you tomorrow morning at 4:3 a.m. hope you join us then. see you tomorrow.
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